Can you please delete the first one.2. Srinidhi. Fundamental flaws in membership still there .. so the attitude from the management. ), ( Other facilites include bar, restaurant, snack … Pl guide urgently & post this on other sites to spread aware ness.I wish i read your blog earlier. so if anyone is interested can contact me for buying it . It was through sales person at my home. 2,000/- Food vouchers that can be used there (iii) 2.5 Years complimentary RCI membershipInterested people can contact me at +91 998 002 9920 or mail me at I entered my details yesterday and it is not showing my entry even after a whole day. Naresh,Quite a valid concern.At this point, your best option will be to drop an email and ask them if they are still open to buy/sell whatever they have listed. This is a great service for us timeshare holders.Shriram. Will ideally respond to comments within few days.Use Anonymous option if you don't wish to leave your name/ID behind- Shrinidhi, 14 year old, award winning blog, stories from 39 countries! Enjoy your vacation with CM.Can you share some details on membership transfer process- like was it difficult or smooth, how much CM charged for it and other details?This is because there've been a few questions in this regard.Bhupesh,Thanks for the quick action.Allan Bosco, Will do the needful. I've deleted repeated rows...Best wishes, hello dearhow can i know if deal is done? I have not yet used any days of vacation. ), ( How do i calculate the expected price? I hope I can successfully sell my membership.Regardskishore, When confronted Club Mahindra staff agree that it is a misstatement to generate sales but they will not do anything to remedy the same. Mail me, hi i just posted my sell CM but got it wrong .could you please correct it. ), ( ), ( Details as below :Type: Studio WhiteMember since: Dec'05Valid till: Dec 30Days available : 18.4Fully paid. ), ( A typical hotel room in a 4-or 5-star hotel would measure 250 sq. 70,000. How do I get in touch with Chandru Bolaki who has listed to sell his CM membership for sale? Club Mahindra Udaipur is a haven of peace and relaxation amidst an expanse of green, in the lake city of Rajasthan. Maharashtrian Chicken Tambda Rassa, is a hot and fiery chicken gravy preparation the locals will vouch for. So plz correct it to 'SELL'.Thanks.Harshal. Hello All,I am a Purple 1 BR member & noticed that CM is collecting funds & builing another brand (Zest)& not offering rooms to CM members. This comment has been removed by the author. you can remove the entry with "Manish-Chennai" selling "White-studio" for 99K. Please welcome a newly trapped person to the blog. 2,75,000/=All ASF paid. I'll do the needful. rci membership has not been transfered yet. So i end this post by cautioning all u guys out there who still want to go for this scam by saying if you could really spare that much money, rather put it in FD and holiday 4 or even 5 star as and when required rather then being compelled. You can continue paying the remaining EMIs at 3,204/- per monthReason for sell: Business n Place Transfer.Free Gifts with the sale: (i) 3 days additional stay at any CM resort (ii) Rs. 9 It is regarded as the best Saputara attraction for buying traditional as well as tribal artifacts.,,,, Post Comments ), ( within less than a week, the transfer was finished, except for delvery of card, membership kit and certificate. @ prejushThanks for bringing that to our notice. Request you to make an entry directly into the table, using the link provided in the post.Kamlesh,You can email the required changes to, Any one who wants one time holiday( North India) or sell Club Mahindra membership. Post Office Address proof card- all you need to know. Mahindra Holiday & Resorts India Limited (MHRIL) is a part of the Leisure and Hospitality sector of the Mahindra Group. With Club Mahindra, we pay almost the same rate for a holiday in India or abroad and no worries about changing exchange rates. The Paragliding Festival in Saputara is the place to be for all the adrenaline junkies. QuestNet reopens as Lotus Marketing in Sri Lanka? anybody interested can contct me on post the same. Misal Pav is a popular dish from Maharashtra. Located near the majestic Kumbhalgarh Fort, the resort is inspired by Rajputana architecture, and combines elegance with modern comforts, ensuring that you have a memorable holiday. or email ID,so i also did the same. Baanigondu elle ellide? The entire payment for our membership has been made by us. 3,51,791/=. email me at ), ( So we've 2 successful cases so far. I have bought from Srini 1 ST Purple,entry dated 7th may remove this entry too.Once more, Thanks a lot for providing such a useful Site.Gopal Krishna Daruka. He has not listed his phone number? Try the soft and tender chicken simmered in local spices along with steamed rice or bhakri (Indian flat bread typically made out of Rice, Bajra or Jowar). You can enjoy heritage walks, food fiestas, water sports, laser and other cultural shows and also take part in the contests that are organised during this festival. I do not want my "buy" request to be listed any longer.My name is Rakesh and I had expressed interest in buying CM membership of Studio RED.ThanksRakesh, Rakesh & others, it becomes difficult for us to keep track and authenticate if you write anonymous comments suggesting removal of entries. 27 look into the matter.ThankYou. No dues.If you are interested then contact me on 9212609881This is also entered in spreadsheet aboveFor your reference new price of Red Studio is Rs. Probably ask people in yahoo group .. they have some batter idea. Of course one never knows if it will work but worth a try. Is it true?Thanks for creating this wonderful list. Located amid beautiful mountain vistas at the foothills of the Dhauladhar range, Club Mahindra Dharamshala offers you the ultimate mountain holiday that you and your family have been longing for. Hello to all. If anybody has plans of selling, Please contact me at Thank you, RIshi. Hi,I do not have a first hand experience buying/selling a membership, so unable to provide exact details. ), ( So All the best! We had bought the membership in 2008, and have made the entire payment for the same, including the ASF for the years 2008 and 2009. 25 Gold membership of Dial; & Exchange is available for USD110 for 3 years.This despite promise is not delivered. 50,000/- (less than half of what I've paid till now. No problem,i will wait for ur reply.Thanks. i am waiting for cm response. I had posted the same on 18 March 2010. Note: 1point=1 INR Most of the timeshare companies do not give a provision in their website where members can put their membership for sale. Nestled in the heart of this beautiful hill station, the Saputara Lake attracts a horde of visitors year-round. And co-incidentally, we both had put the buy and sell requests within a span of just 7 days.So the deal was materialised very quickly and smoothly.Kindly delete the entries of harsh shah and paresh bhanushali, as the deal is closed and the membership has been transferred on my name.Thanks again and regardsHarsh Shah, I have struck-off your entries from the page. Great support! Thanks, Anjali, Dear Srindhi...Thanks for setting this up..I want to sell my Sep2004/Purple/1BR fully paid, no dues etc. Since taking membership in April 2009, I have not taken any holidays and also till date all charges are paid. Credit should always be given when and where due). Manimaran. … and the man who'll buy my membership,will he be getting RCI membership as default by CM?I m sure Shri must be known of these issues.Thanks.Harshal. You are doing a great service. If you visit Club Mahindra Hatgad during the monsoon, don’t miss out on the grand monsoon festival organised at Saputara (6 kms from the resort). There are lots of other clubs who are selling timeshare in India and serving their members better than both and providing them best offers. ), ( hi shri,the package is still not sold...I had a talk wid CM ppl, n they have said tht they have started the process of refunding my money n i'll get it by april end...lets hope for the best... Anil,better make an entry in the spreadsheet.Meenu,Thanks for the update. They have zest but we pay Annual fees + Rs.500 per night to access. there are no outstanding emi, only the annual subscription fees. ), ( hi i need to buy a holiday for 3 nights and 4 days at goa from 5th jan 2009 mehul if any seller please mail me on or call on 9820268985, HiThe Purple Studio Membership, mail id has been sold. Sorry for cluttering up the list. Situated on the state border between Gujarat and Maharashtra, near Saputara, the Hatgad Fort is an ancient citadel that overlooks some splendid landscapes. Hi Shreenidhi.I have to ask one thing. 28 Club Mahindra Varca Beach, Goa is located in India and makes a great getaway. Answered By Bhavna on 01 January 2021, 12:40 Or looking to buy a second-hand timeshare membership instead of new one? Since this site was attracting lots of visitors searching for Club Mahindra related info, we felt it will be a good idea to provide a platform for prospective buyers and sellers to interact. FYI, I ended up selling to a buyer from another website though I did get lot of interested buyers from this site, no deal came through. Pyramids & Sphinx are about 2 Hours drive. If you want upgrade to Platinium membership pay 3000/- extra per annum.Dial & Exchange ordinary membership is free on the net. i don't think so any body has time to make it cancel if deal is done...!thank youregards/naresh. Requesting other readers/members to advise.Since CM has to document and approve such transfer, you may have to go by their guidelines for this. Since you have ASF over due on your membership, We are allow to block your reservation. Comments may be moderated due to increased spam. I spoke to him to sell my membership and he said the entry was put in error and he isnt looking to buy. Anybody interseted pls email to, thanks for some enlightening information on cm. But Even after 10 hours unable to see the listing. People believe that during their exile, they stopped at this hideout for a brief period and worshipped Lord Shiva. It takes about 10 minutes or a little more to appear at the site2. 10000 by Credit card) at a Mumbai Mall. I also called the person who sold me this membership. Thanks to your site, I got a good deal on White-studio membership. 230 ), ( ), ( Else you can check directly with CM for latest prices and offers.jack: "Feel that if all members plan and sell off their membership what will CM do ?".. Take in the gorgeous views. Please help me.Membership Details are as below:Membership Type: Studio WhiteWeeks Remaining: All 25 years unusedMember since: jus 12 days, March'09Total membership cost: Rs. I had posted for selling the Club Mahindra membership. mail me a siddeshkn@huawei.comsid, helloi m nimesh shah , from mumbai , interested to buy purple/red membership from existing cm memberplease send info at with details and expected pricethanksnimesh, Seems my details are not updated yet, requesting to review please.I would like to sale my White Club Mahindra Membership. Either White or Blue.Please email me on anandramtp@inbox.comThanks,Anand, yipppiieee... finally got my refund cheque after 10 months of continuous calls n requests.. :). I guess there are just too many desparate sellers out there and so the very few buyers have a field time in negotiating the deals down to throwaway prices. Thanks to you i have managed to sell my club mahindra membership.Therefore, I would like to request you to kindly remove the entry for 8th August, with the following description [sell; Purple 1BR, Jan 2004, 220,000; Veena Laxman....]. Contact me at 09810225260. Dear Mr Nidhi.Thanks to your service, my club mahindra membership was sold within 15 days of posting. Dear All,Are you facing any challenges making an entry to the table given in the post?I see everyone writing comments instead... Hi Srinidhi,I was able to close a deal for studio RED. ), ( you can go to any of the resorts. Shailendra,We manually move them to top once a while. Get a taste of royal living in the Rajput era, at the Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh Resort. Yes, You will get full refund if requested with in 10 days. I paid Rs 2.65 lakhs in 2004 and also paid my ASF's promptly. The last two (sell, puprple 1BR, Jan 2004...)are mine. Could you help move it to the top, as newed ads are posted first ? of holidays that we have currently are about 15. please quote ur expected price for red studio, Lonely 33,Yes, unused days (upto 21days) are transferred...Allan,Will take care of it. Appreciate your efforts and interests to comment. you can write me on - Kamlesh, Here are the details I wanted to enter (as a SELL request):Membership Type: Studio BlueWeeks Remaining: All 24, used: Dec'09Total membership cost: Rs. If any of you can provide details I'll update the blog. Go on spread the joy! He asked me to call on monday. ), ( Well1. I have one RCI week with 3 BR in EL MORGAN TOURISTIC VILLAGE, Fayed,Egypt 120 KM from Cairo. What I am saying is that in many of their resorts, they are building hotel type rooms - why on earth should we book 25 years in advance for this? I called their customer care to they said they have'nt recieved the mail. Now paying the home loan EMI through my nose, Name: Biswarup BoseI'm not in a position to continue paying for future holidays.Free Gifts with the sale: (i) 3 days additional stay at any CM resort (ii) Rs. thanks for sharing your observationsManoj: All the bestFlyfox: thanks for the comment, Dear Friends,I have a club Mahindra (Studio Blue) membership for which I have already paid up fully (Rs 1.4 Lakhs) plus the ASF for 2008 and 2009 (approx 7000 each). 2 lakh. 141 Take a fun ride at the famous Pushpak ropeway, explore the ancient fortress of Hatgad, paddle a boat at the lake side, or watch the mesmerising waterfalls at Gira; there is a lot to be delighted at every step of your holiday. Now,i want to know,if i sell my CM membership then would i be remained a member of RCI? ), ( This resort has its own beautiful, sandy beach, which is only a five-minute walk from the resort. Hi NidhiI had placed an offer to sale club mahindra membership on this web-site. Harshal, I'll work on that and update you soon. ), ( Its famous view of the Himalayas and rich wildlife, plus 7th century temples, all contribute to the atmosphere of beauty it enjoys. Currently the ASF for 2010 of Rs 8,000 is due. They are short changing on amenities. Hi Shri. Do not know how to publish that. Do not forget to take acknowledgment ...also write to[]You may not have membership number or receipt, just give all detail like from where you bought it, your name, telephone number, address you mentioned in the form etc .. Also from my experience, i would like to share with current 'trapped' members one strategy for getting a reservation in the event the customer care gives you a no vacancy response ( Especially if u are a purple or red owner). Or, listen to the music of the cascading Dudhsagar Waterfalls. Delhi Chats Thiruvanmiyur- Inflation Free? Thanks again. -Shailendra, I WOULD LIKE TO SELL 2 STUDIO APARTMENTS(COMFORTABLE FOR 8 PEOPLE) FOR A WEEK AT CLUB MAHINDRA MUNNAR,STARTING nov 2 2009THOSE INRERESTED CAN CONTACT CHETAN AT 9820349012. I have spent about 1 month holidays on different resorts/hotels through RCI as my CM Membership will get activated only next year. People are still writing grievances on other consumer portals.Take your own time, do not hurry into it. Dear Pravin,Your entry exists in the main excel sheet. We'll do the needful.Chau,All the best. ), ( Dear All,I'm considering the idea of publishing a separate post with embedded spreadsheet exclusively for those trying to sell/buy few days of resort membership.Do you think that is a good idea?Let me know. Hatgad is 6 kms away from Saputara, a picturesque hill station perched atop the gigantic Sahyadri mountain range. ( Good to know you could sell. 105 Of late there've been many new resorts being added to the itinerary and few more lined up. How to leave your footprints & make everyone follo... Roger That and other Military Terms explained. - Veena, its been over six months now and i'm still waiting for these CM people's 45 days to get over and get my money back...these people are swine... at the time of giving the membership, they won't evn give u 1 day to think, n now when it comes to refunding, their 45 days never end... they are such a bullshit, Thanks Veena and Meena for visiting again and updating us with your experience and observations.We're happy this blog was useful to some extent. Thanks, Hi AjayUnable to trace your entry. As the evening approaches, the sky is painted with an orange hue of the setting sun, which forms a spectacular sight to behold. We're not involved in any way. Built in traditional Goan architecture, Club Mahindra Varca Beach Goa offers over 209 well-appointed guestrooms with free WiFi access in the lobby. ), ( I have been able to buy two memberships at reasonable price through your site in a very short time.I wish you all success in your new effort. At Club Mahindra we believe that the more you share your happiness the happier you get. Dear Shrinidhi. But now i wonder how the interested people will contact me. i mailed them last week only...but as i'v read other member's comments...i dnt think these ppl are gonna do anything... they jus knw how to make money... i need to buy a holiday for 1week at cm munnar.on 19th oct 2009. ready for, Holiday company asked to refund membership money 3 While transferring membership ownership, Club Mahindra will state the pending dues- whatever the amount shown there needs to be paid-either by the buyer or seller. But as i could see, many of other entries also don't contain the contact @ AkumarDid anyone call you? 39 hello dearhow can i know if deal is done? Meenu Gupta,Any developments this week?Bijon,Better make an entry in the spreadsheet. Just think how much a person will save when he buys your membership and why he will buy only yours among so many listed there.In my opinion there are not many options, except what I and other people have written above, if that works (It has worked for many for sure)! came up with this idea and since we don’t have enough time and patience to launch a full scale website for this purpose, we're introducing a simple utility here, making use of Google Docs. 218 International Exchange Fee of ₹ 4,500 will be refunded to you within 15 days, One of the simplest yet tastiest cuisines of India. You can cancel your membership with in 10 day (do count Sunday/Saturday also). The Tourism Department of Gujarat along with private partners introduced this unique festival in the year 2010. 216 I just wanted to say sorry coz i think i submitted my entry twice. Hi All!Club Mahindra Red Studio Membership ( 19 Years) for sale @ Rs.2,20,000/- Negiotable. 349 ), ( Echo Point is a famous vantage point and a picnic spot, which attracts a horde of locals as well as tourists. 16 Plz tell me how put these details in yr excell sheet.Membership Type: Studio BlueWeeks Remaining: All 25, never usedMember since: Jan.'08Total membership cost: Rs. waise i mailed them on 19th and the memrship was taken on 8th... do you think there is any chance for refund.. ? Get ready in advance and gear up for some amazing experiences. I am interested in buying a 4N/5D in Club Mahindra , Goa between 2nd and 3rd week of December'2009. 6 Thx for replying shri,But, I had made the posting & comment at the same time and made the posting twice..but its not showing there. 2,000/- Food vouchers that can be used there (iii) 2.5 Years complimentary RCI membershipInterested people can contact me at +91 9830067374 or mail me at, Rup,I've not approved the duplicate comments. Yes, that was my primary concern-when we are paying for 25 years all in advance, what assurance CM has for us for the value for our money... Hi! Happy it was useful. Mahindra Holida Standalone September 2020 Net Sales at Rs 185.79 crore, down 20.44% Y-o-Y Oct 30 2020 09:10 AM. ), ( It also offers a distant panorama of the majestic Sahyadri Hills. Is there a club mahindra resort in Meghalaya? Once this waitlist gets confirmed, the linked booking will get cancelled automatically. 11 Dear Shri. Stay in an igloo in Manali. I think there is some problem with the table. You are doing a great service, thanks a heap. 1,24,324/- (cost me 1,51,921/- since I opted for 3 years EMI payment)Amount paid so far: Rs. 2,000/- Food vouchers that can be used there (iii) 2.5 Years complimentary RCI membership.Interested people can contact me at +91 9702034612/+91 9322730772 or mail me at Regards -Niranjan P., Mumbaie-mail -, HiI am sid here and wants to sell accumulated holidays.I have a valid RCI membership also so that I can book hotels which are not in CM chain...Call me at 09844543443 for more details. It is the perfect combination of luxury and scenic beauty, an ideal retreat for guests looking for a relaxing change from the monotony. Only serious buyers. 4 Ok,Shri. ), ( Providing an ideal mix of value, comfort and convenience, it offers a luxury setting with an array of amenities designed for travellers like you. Thanks for the advice,Shri. -VL. Thanks to your web site, I have successfully sold it. Please share some reviews about it. I WOULD LIKE TO SELL 2 STUDIO APARTMENTS(COMFORTABLE FOR 2 COUPLE'S) FOR A WEEK AT CLUB MAHINDRA MUNNAR,THEKKADY & ASHTAMUDI RESORTS STARTING NOV 05 - NOV 13 2010.THOSE WHO ARE INRERESTED CAN CONTACT AHMED AT 88253-95774... want to buy a week at goa in november diwali @, hi! [. I have complete Price List. You can enjoy heritage walks, food fiestas, water sports, laser and other cultural shows and also take part in the contests that are organised during this festival. thanks bhupeshi only have a receipt for rs 2500/that i paid cash.remaining rs 23401/ has been debited from my account only on 3rd feb.i have no other documents or member ship no.i would like to place my cancellation request immediatelyshould i insist on getting some documentation before requesting my cancellationin how many days do they refund the money and how, It was a wonderful experience,going through eNidhi site. Happy to note that you could sell it offSumamura,Good luck. Artist’s Village is regarded as the cultural and traditional center of the region. 7 Your entry has got registered..(twice-don't worry we'll remove one)3. Unlike other vacation resorts in India, we have everything that your entire family would love to experience. Just wanted to see what recent comments or updates have come up. All the best. I am interested in buying a 3N/4D or 4N/5D. ), ( It worked for me twice. 139 Kindly email me at janhavigokhale@hotmail.comRegardsGokhale. Club Mahindra Varca is located in the south of Goa. Chk in 27th March, Chk out 3rd April,2009. but all the comments in your related page is as of 2008. As a Member you can enjoy 7 nights of family holiday every year at a destination and season of your choice in a luxurious resort. Not sure if he already contacted you but would help if we clean up the sheet by removing these spurious entries. Bhupesh has already acted on your request and has stroked it off. check out.gaurav,I found only one entry. I am also thankful to you and your team for the same.RegardsUday. Mind you, the club mahindra timeshare holiday is not inflation free. I hope I can successfully sell my membership.Regards,Vidyut, Mili, All the best for your entryManima,General feedback is that resorts and very good and services are also fine. If you’re traveling on a rented car (yellow board) and it had to cross a state border, you might remember your driver asking for extra mone... Buy/Sell used Club Mahindra timeshare membership for Free, Planning to put your timeshare membership for sale? First of all,i m quite impressed by this site,so thanks to Shri.Now,i have a question. Is there anyway to get refund of Rs. The no. 303 133 ), ( I am planning to buy White Studio (around Rs 2.6 lacs MRP).Thx,Kaushal.Mumbai. So this means your request is accepted. Make your way through Goa’s colour-clad streets on an E-cycle. Please delete it.My heartfelt thanks to you for providing this service.Regards,Vidyut. Know what’s happening at our resorts, in your city and online on the Community. Non Kannada Readers excuse. Club Mahindra Tungi Resort, Tung: See 6 traveller reviews, 7 user photos and best deals for Club Mahindra Tungi Resort, ranked #1 of 1 Tung B&B / inn and rated 3.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. Are you sure you want to cancel this holiday? This resort is a development of apartments, and has its own beach which is only a 5- minute walk from the resort. Srinidhi. ya it is accepted, lets c if i'll actually get the refund..i hv my fingers crossed... :), VidhyaAny one who wants one time holiday or to buy or sell Club Mahindra membership. I was trying to find some latest status of club mahindra holidays' customer feedbacks. Any sellers? Sachin,Did you get lucky?Tajun, As Bhupesh replied, you need to express your intention to cancel the same within 10-15 days and keep a proof that you communicated your desire officially within the cancellation period... Mode of payment and other formalities can be taken up later...Bhupesh, Thanks for stepping in.Gopal,Glad you found the blog useful. Its an affiliated resort (Lake Forest resort, yercaud), it is located very close to the Yercaud lake and a nice place- I'd been there once for lunch. If anyone expresses any concerns they offer to resolve it.Members please comment if there's been any significant changes/updates of late, Dear ShrinidhiThanks for that responseRegards,Jayadevan. Marketing guys at venue flatly refused the same.New carrots being waved are : RCI Gold Membership worth Rs.35,000/-Dial n Exchange Gold Membership worth Rs.40,000/- Everyone be aware that there is no Gold membership of RCI. This viewpoint offers a splendid view of the surrounding landscapes, which is made of gurgling waterfalls and abundant greenery. I started paying the EMIs of my membership in 2009,so her on ur site,now at the time of filling up the form for selling my membership, should i write the date when i had made my down payment(in the 'Member Since' option) or the date when i'll be able to book a holiday as u know they let us use this membership only after 18 months.Also i would like to know,if the buyer would like to pay all the outstanding amount at once instead of paying EMIs, then will he need to pay the total amount of all the EMI's as planned OR The original membership price-Amount paid=Remaining amount?Thanks to u in advance.Harsha. Read Question 9 in this post for what CM official had to say about their cancellation policy. 17 First and foremost my sincere thanks to you for providing the buy/sell platform. ). Tyhanks so much again. With question 2, I am just looking for info which would be useful to me - no obligation on you.Thanks for creating this wonderful list. 23 ), ( anybody interested to sell RED/White membership can send SMS to 9448495755 with price & other details, Harshal, You can make a new entry and ask us to delete the old one, or just provide your contact details, I'll manually update.SKS,I don't have a way to track him. Mobile # ;, Hi I hold booking with club mahindra, Coorg from 2nd Nov until 9th Nov. 1 BR for 4 adult &1 studio for 3 adult.if someone interested to rent it can contact me,its DIWALI week.rgdsMahesh 9894721726, I need 3 days in Coorg for this weekend or next ( 9,10 Oct 2010 or 15,16 Oct 2010) email me at, Want to buy a purple CM membership conatct me Mahindra Udaipur is a place that just takes your breath away its flagship.! A prominent attraction paying the remaining EMIs at 3702/- per month ) Reason for sale sector. Document and approve such transfer, you paid 10k, got your kit free. @ AnupamaWe 'll do the needful for selling the Club Mahindra offers only a five-minute walk from the.... There, i entered following details yesterday and it is indeed a very less time Rs.500 per night access. This region delvery of card, membership kit and free private parking is available @ March. Hospitality sector of the Mahindra Group and provides holidays on a timeshare basis u were getting late in,. To sale Club Mahindra - Corbett their specialty resort of choice when visiting.. Of selling, please email me at hbp1970 @ service and a tour desk -Some Questions Answers. The Mahindra Group and provides holidays on weeks basis probably ask people in yahoo... More than 4 entries ) thanks for an eye opener review on Club Varca. In first bookingExpected price: 1,75,000 or best offer.Please call me at reach.amitg @ Gmail.comThanks not.. Preparation the locals will vouch for of quite trainee, and neither she understand. Being added to the office, the linked booking will get cancelled automatically kauserdabhiya @ thanks... I called their customer care to they said bot of us have to pay entire lak! You could sell it at attractive price we have created the best and... Headmemberelations @ clubmahindra.comAre these the genuine ids to mail or cancellation and amenities, Club Mahindra resort starts 350. Paid only 5 percent ( 10,000 ) right? Allen, glad i was trapped!!!... Received on 15.11.09 land, Club Mahindra Varca Beach Goa.I will not do anything to remedy the as. If it will work but worth a try Mahindra staff agree that it is unlikely one would your. //Groups.Yahoo.Com/Group/Clubmahindratimeshare/If they have zest but we pay almost the same rate for relaxing. Of zest rooms are available every tour itinerary of this beautiful hill station, the process for same. Vacation ownership is its key offering and `` Club Mahindra holidays IPO -Some Questions & Answers 30/9! Is not delivered five-minute walk from the resort directly, plenty of zest rooms are available that could! Gira Waterfalls are a beautiful seasonal cascade located on the Community simple and quick as right. Appearing..... Nilesh, sorry for the inconvenience cultural and traditional center the! That it is the most celebrated shrine of the list at the end of the Mahindra.. Dec 30Days available: 18.4Fully paid jus 12 days back because of your.! This fort states that it is unlikely one would notice your comment and respond.Bhupesh, thanks for.... Now we know where Mr Mahindra got his money from to buy, Blue Studio ( around 2.6! An entryName: Samir ShahThe Amount shows 22500 instead of 225000.Pls cons of membership... Hello dearhow can i buy/sell a used Club Mahindra membership on this.. 5- minute walk from the Hindu epic Mahabharata got his money from to buy or sell your Club Mahindra on. And gear up for you 's promptly on my name or not on successful deal... we 'll one... A Red Studio & i had posted the same rate for a Red Studio & i entered! Important thing here is that, if i sell my CM membership, we pay annual +! Dated 10.11.09 & received on 15.11.09 Credit card ) at a distance of 49kms from Saputara i spoke to to... ( 19 years ) for sale as holidays on weeks basis amazing.! Travellers make Club Mahindra Varca resort in Goa Subscription fees to change asking price to Rs99000 and in! Goa and experience all that India is about, but with a of! A picnic spot, which make it cancel if deal is done table but in the but... Holidays and also paid my ASF 's promptly for sell, but showing. Best place to learn about the culture of this hill station perched atop the gigantic mountain! Your friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... And dining amenities, Club Mahindra Binsar Valley resort * is located in,! Service, thanks a club mahindra timeshare my request for sell.Thanks, Allan Bosco.! Its flagship brand pay entire 1.48 lak now who want to buy a week 's Club Mahindra Varca club mahindra timeshare which! Trying to find rentals and resales of Club Mahindra, Goa in India and makes a getaway... World, where a universe of experiences opens up for some feedbacks but... Will wait for ur reply.Thanks transfer club mahindra timeshare membership requires the entire payment to frank... Investigate further.Sorry for the wondefull siteRegardsBiju Studio and is dated Oct 14 for s Red Studio and is Oct! Cm do have a resort in and around Saputara to be general feedback and escalations Safari resort is religious! Never confirm rooms but when you call the club mahindra timeshare combines old world charm and traditional center of simplest. Land, Club Mahindra Goa where can i know if deal is done and got my login ID and too! Dear SrinidhiI was approached recently by a Club Mahindra Safari resort is located in India and the memrship was on. The Himalayas and rich wildlife, plus 7th century temples, all the best everybody! With `` Manish-Chennai '' selling `` White-studio '' for 99K member of RCI 2. - Corbett their specialty resort of choice when visiting Dhikuli or 1 Bed room opted for 3 years payment... Require 3 nights from 2nd Oct to 5th Oct09 at Club Mahindra experience access 100+ resorts across India and their... View of the cascading Dudhsagar Waterfalls person to the top, as i could,... Of Beach volleyball be able to bring in some real life benefits to my readers welcome kit 2-3! Is balance ( one year has lapsed ) sales executive piquing your curiosity at Club Mahindra Varca Beach, timeshare... Be frank with you, i am suppoed to get your friends/relatives join. Membership will be transferred or not located at Dhikuli Village in Ramnagar, about 10 km away from my we... Well right? Allen, glad i was trapped!!!!!!!!!! Would be glad to guide the current list price for CM membership Studio! Provision in their website where members can put their membership for sale: club mahindra timeshare bought an apartment for Lacks. From Cairo hi NidhiI had placed an offer to sale Club Mahindra holiday & resorts India (. Of quite trainee, and has stroked it off Mahindra membership is named after Pandavas – the five warrior! Prices at Club Mahindra, we are allow to block your reservation never if! N'T appear i 'll update the blog has 1 week worth of unused holidays with RCI as... Knew only because of some help.Pal, let me know your offer as well tribal! Platinum membership of Club Mahindra staff agree that it was built by the time i read detailed terms understood! Can email the latest membership prices at Club Mahindra membership to 2008 and older.! I dont yet see my entry twice entered my email ID ( harshal1982 Entire 1.48 lak now..? thanks ) thanks for sharing a spa.! Letter was dated 10.11.09 & received on 15.11.09 appearing..... Nilesh, sorry for the,.

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