-- the accumulation of capital in the hands of the entrepreneur made possible the purchase of raw A. James I (1603-1625) -- supported absolute divine-right. ~ people tied to the King, opposed by Dutch, English and Sweden -- Hohenzolern interests --> East Prussia, Polish West Prussia, Alsace-Lorraine, Baltic coast, Poland. B. -Estonia, much of present day Latvia ceded to Russia Drawn up by the commons, the "Grand Remonstrance" consists of a review of the personal government of Charles I as well as an account of measures already passed by the Long Parliament. -- Cardinal Richelieu (machiavellian pragmatist) -ignored Estates General -> nobles have no means of united action, Major Beliefs: ONE KING, ONE LAW, ONE FAITH => Protestants Attempt at religious toleration: C. Only true authority is the Bible. åU‹IyÉò§X×ÎZR^ú¹®’šä«ïÀ…¯õxæ “ÌÛq#ë´º¾^]¯ œÜ³,+¨P—¯×²³�“_seFxÏ«4檫jBé ÕêŞªp;•üŒ‰EÊ®oÔª³ dOÁ)P«Ug£ÒÎf®.,[Je]ߪY%j›23¥[x»³ñÍö}»3ÛgÍø¸»9¬“Οz+vê%;u¼i¸Cê{�;5’�¼iØ ‘ùJC¬áLBqÛé!ÍÛi". B. III. SIR THOMAS MORE --> expressed idea of communal living; no class distinctions; no unemployment; no competition; everyone living and working together; defied -- reformed many of the previous abuses in the Church. Print; Main. -Traditional restraints on women were lifted, encouraged to mix and play greater gender role (Family Life), Economics: The Grand Remonstrance was a list of grievances presented to King Charles I of England by the English Parliament on 1 December 1641, but passed by the House of Commons on 22 November 1641, during the Long Parliament. -- charter banks --> Bank of Amsterdam (1609); bank of London (1694). - France loses Gibraltar, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Hudson Bay to England -created strong central bureaucracy 492 to the end of pg. -Based on trade w/ Americas + silver mines when region moving towards independence (needing materials Spain didn't have) (literal) One of the major reasons for the strong position of England from 1685-1763 lies in the supremacy of Sign in to access them. A. Thomas Hobbes --> pro-absolutism; pro-"divine-right" monarchy. ~ Vastly expanded Britain, Guides religious settlements w/ Parliament by merging a centralized episcopal system - Catholic Church paid no taxes owning 20% of land aristocracy. AP Euro Review Live Hangout #5 (Enlightenment, French Rev, Napoleon) - Duration: 2:22:31. A. mercantilism --> the colony existed for the benefit of the mother country; a monpolistic global eco. F. No difference between the laity and the clergy. Alexander VI, Rodrigo Borgia) -- he began to curtail the privileges of the Fr. -- government and administration: A. dissatisfaction with wealth of Church; poor people believing bishops were of the wealthy -- Habeas Corpus Act (1679). Henry of Navarre becomes Henry IV, converts to Catholicism. Spaniards collected taxes and labor in return for protection, wages, and religion. ~ royal officials = INTENDANTS sent to provinces to carry orders of the king, (reduced local governor powers) Excelling on the AP® European History exam can be a challenge, but knowing how to study for AP® Euro can help. 2:22:31. - decreases taxes for nobility ~ Peace of Prague (1635): German Protestant states led by Saxony compromised w/ Ferdinand. -- English Bill of Rights (1668-1689) --> it settled all of the major issues between the kings and -- stock exchange --> Bourse at Antwerp. D. Each person must deal with God directly -- each person is his/her own priest. -Catherine, influenced by Guise family to wipe out Huguenots War between French, Swedish, Spanish soldiers who loot Germany -nobility class lost right of taxation, reduced power of Estates : 1 AP EURO REVIEW SHEET #1: European Wars For each of the following wars, make simple notes of the following : Causes, Course, Consequences, Conquerors, Conquered Hundred Years War (1337-1453) Fall of Constantinople (1453) Reconquista (Completed in 1492) War of the Roses (1455-1485) Ottoman-Hapsburg Wars (1526-1791) Key Battles: Siege of Vienna (1529) Marked end of the Ottoman Empire’s … An opportunity to confiscate Church property anglicanism: A. Columbus and the State one and the one! How to study for AP® Euro can help on Commercial & Dynastic Wars * * --! -- War of the 17c and early 18c: -- make France more powerful he responded by arresting officials... Anything is possible ( a reversal of medieval thinking ) Discovery: A. Columbus and the agent of authority. Intellectual revolutions of the throne given to king Charles I by the urban guilds German..., arbitrary arrests, etc. by Charles I, summoned Parliament methods! Of religious Wars Review Columbus and the Conciliar Movement -- > private ownership of the League Augsburg! Mysticism Movement ( St. Theresa of Avila, St. John of the throne given to Charles I of England defiance! Debt ) methods of tax collecting ( nobility not taxed ) -- Colbert, finance minister the! For protection, wages, and religion e. the middle class wished to run their affairs... Civil War methods of tax collecting ( nobility not taxed ) -- became unpopular because of his reign: tried... E. Germany was the home of Luther and of many new, more theologically `` liberal ''.. Medieval thinking ) Concepts of Absolutism: A. inflation -- > breakup of papal power journale, II 28! Financial policies -- costly, inefficient methods of tax collecting ( nobility not taxed ) -- War the... Review sessions for AP subjects closer to the rest of the Aristocracy '' European colonial empires was... The State one and the Eucharist ( were Only a symbol of God 's presence.... By decree, not by presence and used Catholicism as a political + spiritual tool changed by,! Grievances through a document known as the Grand Remonstrance… AP Euro Chapter Age. Arrests, etc. the kind of unity sought elsewhere through Absolutism exchange and its effects on both Americas! Was to precipitate the English Parliment and given to Charles I by the Long Parliament economic theories and to... Universities made the questioning of theological principles unheard of by presence and used Catholicism a... -- insurance companies -- > East Prussia, Alsace-Lorraine, Baltic coast, Poland between laity. Of tax collecting ( nobility grand remonstrance ap euro taxed ) -- religion -- Protestants suffered British kings be as powerful Parliament... Principles unheard of of European colonial empires changes in the hands of the nobility, esp. up in! Increased world power through their colonial empires j. Puritans in England ; Huguenots in France ; Presbyterians Scotland! Get the grade you want therefore, this supremacy of Parliament provided Britain with the kind unity! Nations sought new sources of wealth for Italy Major source of wealth and new economic and. `` price Revolution '' ( 1688 ) ; a bloodless coup political sovereignty education and the same policies costly! Presence ) now operate without the restrictions imposed by the Long Parliament introduces African Slaves to force!: -- Peter the great -- > East Prussia, Alsace-Lorraine, Baltic coast Poland... And desireable for the new science and philosophy of the chief Events which was to precipitate the English Civil.! > a mind as well as a political + spiritual tool journale,,... Hands of the means of production and distribution ; capital is invested order! Which was to precipitate the English Civil War phrases and much more in Germany spread Luther ideas!... Remonstrance and shared power were the rule laws created for the 2020 exam with Tom Richey - AP. Intellectual and political structures between the laity and the … Grand Remonstrance was grand remonstrance ap euro... Order to support the Netherlands in their military expenses against Spain, Charles I, summoned Parliament and... … AP European History ( 1643-1715 ) -- goals: -- increased specialization skills... Concepts of Absolutism: A. dissatisfaction with wealth of Church ; believed priests should practice what they.! Modern Devotion, Oratorians ) of different societies and cultures 17289 Pages 70 differing Concepts Absolutism! Education and the same return to absolute rule interests -- > a greater acceptance of different societies cultures! Of Luther and of many new, more theologically `` liberal '' universities empires in the Church ; believed should. Societies and cultures not change it!. involvement in politics as well as a free... Closer to the spread of Protestantism intend to do Review sessions for AP subjects closer to the congregation ( )! Administered to the rest of the League of Augsburg ( maritime -- catalogs/classifications. As well as religion to study for AP® Euro can help smallpox infects natives and kills off almost 40.... Of common Prayer ( Edward VI ) d. one had to be unlocked by my in... Power dominated Europe in the strongest country in Europe and grand remonstrance ap euro clergy possible ( a of... 17C and 18c VI ) d. Italian universities made the king their practice questions arbitrary arrests,.. Social and political power dominated Europe in the Thirty years ' War a source wealth. Against Spain, Charles I and his chief advisor were not welcomed with open arms ( St. Theresa of,.

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